About Us

We are a new games company founded by 2 brothers (Tim & Jon) who are studying Computer Games Development at the University of Central Lancashire, UK.

In the past we mostly worked on Mods for the cult classic Minecraft.

The main ones being the below:

UseCount Mod (http://goo.gl/myaTk) and 

Mod Update Manager (http://goo.gl/EFh8t)

Jon (TheWhiteWolves) took over  these mods and continues to update / maintain them.

We are currently working as Windows Games Ambassadors for Microsoft and part of this role is to promote games development on their Windows 8 and Windows 8 Phone platforms.

We have been working with various coding languages such as C++, C# & XAML as well as 3rd Party Frameworks like Unity3d, Construct 2, Rapid2D, XNA/MonoGame, GameMaker plus many more. 


We have developed a couple of games using GameMaker to promote the ease of use to students wanting to get into the Indie market but are daunted by what in the past has appeared to be a rather closed profession. With the launch of the Windows 8 Platform and the Windows Store Microsoft is making it easier for Indie Developers to gain access to and bring their creations to the market.

With services like Azure and the above 3rd Party Frameworks it is becoming more accessible for people new to the industry to get their work seen and build their portfolios.

Our own personal projects are currently aimed at the OUYA Games Console, Windows 8 and then the Oculus Rift VR Headset once our Dev Kit arrives. 

I will soon be putting together a Projects page on which we will showcase our own work and maybe some other peoples if they catch our eye.

Let us know about your projects, especially your Windows 8 and Windows 8 Phone ones, and you never know we may include them on the upcoming Projects page.


We started out with just two employees, Myself (Tim) and My Brother (Jon) in January 2012, working out of a small room in our house in Barnoldswick, England.

This number increased to 3 in March 2013 with the appointment of Mark Billington as Head of GameMaker Design and Development. 

We will be adding a Bios page in the near future so I'm sure he will let you know all about himself when that is up and running plus we may see some of his past projects showcased on the Projects page later on this year. 

Myself and Jon started off working on Mods for the cult classic MineCraft and even though we are new to the game industry our passion and unfaltering dedication is strong. Mark has many year experience in making games using GameMaker and he is now looking forward to working with Windows 8 apps.

We will be updating this website as all our projects develop so check back periodically to see how things are going.
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